To “simplify” is my new goal this year. I want to simplify all aspects of my life. This New Year brings a fresh perspective and a new beginning and I want that to overflow into the way I live and work! This Christmas I asked for some organizational bins and cubbies to get my craft life on a more productive track. So I’ve made some changes to my craft room and I hope you enjoy the pictures!
I really had fun making great use out of the space. One of the things I was glad about was that I had a chance to work in my room and figure out how I needed things to be organized to help me stay productive and inspired. I knew where I wanted things to go and how to display them for they’re best use.
Above is my die cutting station. I keep my cutting machines, and my scrapbooking supplies here.
Below is my sewing area. I really love having our old dinning room table in here because it gives me space to cut and pin fabric instead of on the floor…..can I say good-bye to back ache?
This desk area looks pretty much the same as before, although I did add some much needed small storage bins to hold embellishments, brads, stickers, stamps and punches.
And in addition, above my copier, I snagged this paper filer thing that my job was throwing away….SWEET! And it just happened to house 12×12 paper…..
Below is my crafty closet, storing all the potential projects and dreamy ideas I’ll one day get too…
I can’t say how blessed I am to have a room solely dedicated to crafting. I can’t wait to get in there and get started with my new projects!
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