Quick Decor: Wall Of Plates

I’m pumped about sharing this project with you, it’s been a long time coming! I’ve just been meaning to get around to it and with the Holiday’s it got put on the back burner! If you’re looking for a fun way to add dimension to an awkward wall space then continue reading! This wall is in our kitchen opposite all of our cabinetry. It’s kid of a weird wall. Since it’s a high-traffic area I can’t set a console table underneath to balance a large scale photograph or artwork. So placing something there that catches the eye without getting to much in the way was my objective. After seeing multiple sources of inspiration on Pinterest herehere, and here I decided to give it a try. Scroll through to see my tips!

Here are my tips:

1. I bought plastic plates from Target, so that in case they did fall there would be no weeping or gnashing of teeth. Like these.

2. These wonderful plate hangers were the key to all of this (see last picture in this post) and check out there website here. They are based in London but I had no trouble ordering online.

3. I first cut out paper circles and out masking tape behind to play around with the arrangement before we broke out the hammer. Kinda like this.

4. After letting the adhesive plate hangers dry overnight, they were ready to hang and we haven’t had any issues with any of them falling at all. It’s been about 6 months.

5. Stand back and enjoy your cool art installation!

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