Project: Home Organization

A plan will let you get all those little tidbits you want to make happen and put them in front of you for execution. There are so many resources for planning and goal setting online. You can download and print pretty lists, binders and even keep it paperless if you want! But the point is clear: Set a goal so you can reach it. I prefer to see it in the big picture. For me crossing off the item is the ultimate goal. So if I see it then it needs to be done. So what I’v done first is printed out a blank monthly calendar. My purpose is to list  what I’d like to do organization wise and by when.

For example, I would say I want to clean out and re-organize my hallway closet by May 29th. That way by May 27th I have a task and know that by Wednesday I should have it done.

The next important step is creating actions steps. Again, we’re looking at the big picture here. Below I’ve listed each room of my house and created 3 action steps for each room. I can go to this list when I get close to that room/area on my calendar and have definite steps to take. This will make it less likely for me to come up with excuses, or to wander into a project to only be distracted and start something I’ll never finish. The action steps keep me on target.

Pairing these together is my little secret for tackling any type of reorganization issues I run into. Plus the action steps are fun to cross off. Did I tell you I love lists?

Don’t forget look back at what you’ve done so far. Maybe you skipped one room or swapped one project for another. Keep yourself accountable by tracking your accomplishments.

The best part of this is to revise your original big picture goals. They may change. For example I really want to tackle my office files with my label maker, but my two girls rooms  are in desperate need of a toy purging. And since I’m in those rooms every day, the toys stare me in the face. Those rooms go up on the goal list as priority over the office files.

In the end the euphoric feeling of having a well-kept home is deeply satisfying. You can feel some control over the chaos of everyday life. So grab your label maker and your best purging  method and get to organizing!

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