Possible dangers when buying fake portable table saws

A portable table saw is gradually being trusted and chosen by most users with hand saws. This machine is created with a variety of shapes, safe designs, Besides, the power of the machine is extremely strong to help the process carpenter’s work become simple and effortless. In particular, the life of the machine is extremely long and durable despite continuous work under the harshness of the environment.

However, Because of its wide application, there are so many brands that imitate genuine products.

The reality shows that psychological preference for cheap goods, many people have regretted buying fake goods. Because counterfeit goods are easily damaged after only a short time of use. Moreover, the safety protection department often does not have or is faulty so it easily causes accidents for users. But as far as I can see, many people don’t recognize the dangers of using counterfeit goods. Therefore, below are the specific risks that users may encounter when using fake, poor quality woodworking saws.

portable table saws


All sawing products from table saws, hand-held saws or circular saws Despite being fake no matter how real the product looks, the truth is never the same quality as genuine goods. The fake saws are loose structure, the blades are not fixed, they can be thrown, the workpiece is not tight, it can cause the workpiece to be thrown out causing serious injury not only for the user but also the people around.


Counterfeit products may have electrical wires, electrical leakage to the outside of the machine from wires, circuit breakers, and electrical outlets. From there, can cause extremely dangerous accidents related to electricity for users. Unfortunately, it can be fatal for users If not detected promptly.

Risk of explosion

In addition to causing electrical accidents, poor quality table saws can cause an explosion. Especially for counterfeit sawing machines, When there is an electrical leak with wood pieces created during use, it is easy to catch fire.


Counterfeit products are not as sophisticated and rugged as genuine products. Usually, the screw heads on the milling table, where the angle of choice is often protruding to entangle the user, injury can occur at any time if you are not very careful.

Besides, the handle of counterfeit products will not be designed to be anti-skid stripes like other genuine products. Therefore, when using these products, users can easily slip hands causing unfortunate accidents.

  • How to distinguish real products – counterfeit goods?

Anti-counterfeit stamps: It is indispensable when you want to buy the best table saw. Currently, although many products falsify stamps. Make it difficult for users to distinguish which one is real and which is fake. But please rest assured, now to fix that, You can scratch the stamp code and check the real or fake of the product with the software on the phone. Extremely accurate for users

Warranty: Experience says, If you buy a genuine saw machine at a reputable address or facility. You can get a warranty of 2 to 3 years much more than the counterfeit machine

Quality of finishing machine, how to box products: The parts of the machine will be processed with high precision, the gap between the joints is almost no, there is no rickety feeling when holding the device. Besides, the product is boxed extremely carefully and beautifully unlike fake machines

The sturdy feeling when holding product on hand: Sure, easy to manipulate, high accuracy, little vibration is a feeling when you hold genuine goods on hand. Completely opposed to counterfeit machines.

Finally, genuine goods will not have to overheat when operating for a long time, instead of inferior goods will heat very quickly.

In conclusion

Using fake wood saws not only in poor quality, quickly damaged but also easy to cause accidents for users. Therefore, you are careful not to use false products. On the market today there are quite a few places to sell portable wood saws, you should choose reputable places to avoid spend money (on a quack doctor) when buying fake and poor quality products and enjoy a reputable warranty.

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