Monogram Phone Screen Saver: DIY

I just stumbled upon a lovely DIY monogram screen saver that you can use on your phone or on your desktop! The lovely gals over at For Chic Sake did the hard work here and I just took it a step further! Once you follow their step by step process to create your solid backround monogram, save it to your computer:

NOTE: It’s beneficial to have Adobe Reader for this step. Then your going to convert the PDF to a JPEG image under the “Save” tab. Once you’ve done that go to PicMonkey. Here you will click on “Create a collage”.

After opening up a collage, under layouts select cards. I choose a 5 x 7 card and “x”ed out the bottom rectangle. (You can do this by hovering in the bottom section. The “x” will appear to close the box.)  See below. 

Next you’ll go to “swatches” on the sidebar. Here is where you can select your backround. The dropdown menu just above that has the different seasons PicMonkey offers in this section.  For different selections I chose the cute pink gingham and a solid yellow. My favorite was the lovely vintage roses.

Next, you can save this image to your desktop. Then your going to upload it again to PicMonkey under the “Edit a picture” tab on it’s main page.  Upload the backround you want then click on “Overlays”. At the top you’ll see “Your Own”. Click there to upload the solid monogram you created in step one. It should look like this:

Here you can change the size of your overlayed monogram picture to fit any way you like on your backround. Once your finished you can save it to your desktop. At this point I emailed it to myself and opened it up on my andriod phone. Then I saved it to my phone. Then I set it as my home screen saver! Very big impact for a little work!

What are you monogramming these days?

Project: Home Organization

A plan will let you get all those little tidbits you want to make happen and put them in front of you for execution. There are so many resources for planning and goal setting online. You can download and print pretty lists, binders and even keep it paperless if you want! But the point is clear: Set a goal so you can reach it. I prefer to see it in the big picture. For me crossing off the item is the ultimate goal. So if I see it then it needs to be done. So what I’v done first is printed out a blank monthly calendar. My purpose is to list  what I’d like to do organization wise and by when.

For example, I would say I want to clean out and re-organize my hallway closet by May 29th. That way by May 27th I have a task and know that by Wednesday I should have it done.

The next important step is creating actions steps. Again, we’re looking at the big picture here. Below I’ve listed each room of my house and created 3 action steps for each room. I can go to this list when I get close to that room/area on my calendar and have definite steps to take. This will make it less likely for me to come up with excuses, or to wander into a project to only be distracted and start something I’ll never finish. The action steps keep me on target.

Pairing these together is my little secret for tackling any type of reorganization issues I run into. Plus the action steps are fun to cross off. Did I tell you I love lists?

Don’t forget look back at what you’ve done so far. Maybe you skipped one room or swapped one project for another. Keep yourself accountable by tracking your accomplishments.

The best part of this is to revise your original big picture goals. They may change. For example I really want to tackle my office files with my label maker, but my two girls rooms  are in desperate need of a toy purging. And since I’m in those rooms every day, the toys stare me in the face. Those rooms go up on the goal list as priority over the office files.

In the end the euphoric feeling of having a well-kept home is deeply satisfying. You can feel some control over the chaos of everyday life. So grab your label maker and your best purging  method and get to organizing!

A Simple Mousepad

I’ve been taking joy in the simple things around my home and office these past few days! Feeling a little need to do something crafty for myself,  I whipped this cute little mousepad together! And let me tell you how it’s brightened my day! It was super easy to make. I followed this tutorial. I found this totes-amaze fabric at World Market where it used to be a napkin! I grabbed some shelf liner and proceed to make a fun mousepad in less than 5 minutes! I’ve gotten so many compliments! Cute right?

What simple projects are you creating today? Try something easy like this mousepad, I promise it will brighten your day!

Baby Headbands: How-To

This next weekend will be the weekend my girls turn 3 and 1! It really is mind-blowing how fast the time goes by! I wanted to make a couple cute headbands for them to wear at their party and so I’ve decided to show you how easy it can be to make these.

With just a couple of supplies you are on your way to baby headband heaven! I picked up these pre-made scrapbooking  fabric flowers at Michael’s on sale!

You will need:

A glue gun


Elastic ribbon

Fabric Flowers (bought or make your own).


I google “baby headband’s length” to find approximate length’s for one year olds and 3 year olds. I basically cut all of them at about 12 to 13 inches.

Then add a drop of hot glue to secure the elastic bands ends together.

Then I cut two small holes using the felt. I tried to match the felt color with the color of the elastic band because the felt will act as a soft spot between the headband and the cutie’s little head!

I then hot glued my flowers into place.

I flipped them over…..

And hot glued the two small felt holes on top of the fabric flowers to create that softness. 

You’re done! I added some green felt “leaves” to one of the fabric flowers to add a little something! I think they turned out super cute!

I will take pictures of the girls wearing the headbands at their party, so stay tuned for some cuteness! I also can’t wait to share some ideas for combined parties!


I’m so happy that I am finally getting around to sharing pictures of our incredible built-ins! I am so very proud of these and so blessed that we had wonderful family to install it for us! I have to say that my husband is very talented. A landscape designer previously in life has given him an innate ability to architect ideas into reality. He saw a need and built an amazing dream come true! As you can see with these before pictures from when we first moved into the house we had a fireplace that we used 3 times since we moved in. Matt said “why don’t we just rip it out?” Rip it out? WHAT? I am of the mindset that you sort of conform to what you have. He’s an out of the box thinker. So with his idea in tow we decided to go forward with using the space based on our realistic needs and not what we rarely use.

Enter the most amazing Father-In-Love and said fellows amazing friend. Bob & Jim drove from Florida and spent a week living in the construction zone they created and transformed our living room right before our very eyes! Tedious work, attention to every last detail, careful placement and expert craftsmanship. They made a masterpiece.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Matt’s idea to use drywall instead of wood to outline the built-ins was incredible.

We struggled a little at first with styling the bookshelves. We pinned A LOT of pins for ideas and re-organized them a few times. I’m really happy with the way they look now. But I’m also excited to add more pops of color in the summertime. As you can see we have the same trusty couch that we’ve had since the beginning of time. It has been great but I’m excited to say we’ve bought a new fabulous couch that I can’t wait to show you!!! We have it on special order and should be getting it by April. I will post pictures once we get it!

So what do you think?? Is it amazing or what??

New Craft Room Reveal!

O ma goodness! I am beyond thrilled to share pictures of my newly defined craft space! I just love the functionality here and the clean open space I have to work on my masterpieces! Be prepared for a lot of pictures! I wish you could come on over and see it in person, but alas, I don’t want randos showing up at my door. So I thought instead I’d overwhelm you with eye candy! There’s a lot to share to first peek at the room, then re-read the tidbits at the end for details and info!!

I really wanted to re-do my craft room so that I could be more efficient and inspired each time I went into the room. If you missed the old room, check it out here. I realize how lucky I am to have a room solely dedicated to crafting. (I don’t know if that is crazy or a blessing) but I’ll go with blessing! The unfortunate part of this is sacrificing a “guest room” for my craft room. Our lovely out of town guests got to experience this first hand this past week as they came and stayed with us!  Want to know who stopped by? Click here. 

I hope they enjoyed there visit anyway! We sure did! So, as far as the functionality I wanted a lot of open table-top space for projects that I am working on. I felt that my space before didn’t allow much empty surfaces for anything. So in my newly dreamed version that was number one on my list! I also wanted it to feel clean and organized. I wanted my most used items to be readily available. Check! I found great use out ofthese stack-able drawers from Wal-Mart for little stamps, punches, and tid-bits. Then I used the larger version of them for fabric storage and paint and in process craft projects and conveniently stored them underneath the table as you can see above in the last photo.

My desk and bookcase are from IKEA. I am very happy with how they look and the sturdiness of them. My previous desk was also IKEA but it was dark wood and felt heavy and didn’t work for me any longer. Overall, I am so happy with the turn out! I am especially happy about the “Love Never Fails” print from a lovely lovely woman Lara Casey! And of course, I made sure my little budding artist had a space of her own within my four crafty walls! I get to spend sweet moments in there with her as she hums and colors with her markers while I answer emails, and dream up ideas!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this gives you some ideas for creating your very own craft space!

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Chevron & Burlap Wreath

I found this ah-maz-zing chevron burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby a few weekends ago and I couldn’t decide how to use it. I thought about using it on a pillow cover in some way, but I decided to give it a try on a wreath for our front door. The result is a simple but stylish wreath that can hang on the front door in between those seasonal holidays! Plus, the other great thing it I didn’t have to use hot glue so I can re-use the ribbon and the wreath for another future project! I used these Greening Pins from JoAnn’s, which allowed me to pin the ribbon at the top of the wreath and just wrap it around then pin a second one once I reached the end. It was super simple and I think it looks very cool!

Sorry about the yellow-y pictures, I took these in my office at night.What do you think? Does it need something extra? Or is it West Elm simple?

Creating A Chalkboard Stencil

I’m really excited to share this super easy chalkboard lettering tutorial! I’ve gotten so many emails about how I did this verse on my chalkboard for Christmas. So I thought I’d share how easy it is so put together.  You just need a few simple tools to get started on this chalkboard lettering DIY project! I chose this lovely Irish Blessing as my quote seeing as we’re coming up quickly on St.Patrick’s Day!


1. Chalkboard Marker. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  You can also buy them at  JoAnn’s. It writes a little clearer than a traditional piece of chalk. Plus, the jumbo size, makes filling in the stencil a breeze.

2. A clean chalkboard surface. My version is an old frame that I painted overtop with chalkboard paint. I see little imperfections and that doesn’t quite bother me, as I like a shabby chic look!

3. Season your board with a piece of chalk. It helps prep the surface of the board for a new design.

4. Cut out your stencil. I used my Silhouette to create a stencil. You can also but a stencil at a craft store and piece it together like this.

5. After I cut out my stencil, I used masking tape to hold my quote in place. Then I filled in the words with my chalk marker.

6. Remove stencil. And enjoy!

I first left it bare with just one little glass clover ornament I’ve had for years, but I felt like it was missing something…..

So I added some fun Kelly Green clovers. I got the little shape from the Silhouette store online here.

This mantle sits in our front room, so it’s the first thing you see when you come into our home. It’s also the last thing you see as you leave. My wish is that everyone who comes and goes from our house remembers this Irish Blessing!

Quick Decor: Wall Of Plates

I’m pumped about sharing this project with you, it’s been a long time coming! I’ve just been meaning to get around to it and with the Holiday’s it got put on the back burner! If you’re looking for a fun way to add dimension to an awkward wall space then continue reading! This wall is in our kitchen opposite all of our cabinetry. It’s kid of a weird wall. Since it’s a high-traffic area I can’t set a console table underneath to balance a large scale photograph or artwork. So placing something there that catches the eye without getting to much in the way was my objective. After seeing multiple sources of inspiration on Pinterest herehere, and here I decided to give it a try. Scroll through to see my tips!

Here are my tips:

1. I bought plastic plates from Target, so that in case they did fall there would be no weeping or gnashing of teeth. Like these.

2. These wonderful plate hangers were the key to all of this (see last picture in this post) and check out there website here. They are based in London but I had no trouble ordering online.

3. I first cut out paper circles and out masking tape behind to play around with the arrangement before we broke out the hammer. Kinda like this.

4. After letting the adhesive plate hangers dry overnight, they were ready to hang and we haven’t had any issues with any of them falling at all. It’s been about 6 months.

5. Stand back and enjoy your cool art installation!

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