Outstanding advantages of floating shelves for living space

Are you having difficulty thinking about how to decorate the interior to save space? Do you have a lot of books and miscellaneous things that do not know how to arrange a neat, compartment? I will recommend a piece of furniture that will help you resolve all of these worries. That item is a floating shelf

Floating shelves are one of the most popular shelves today. Because, in addition to supporting your furniture to be neatly organized, fit and more beautiful, it also saves your home space.

It is amazing, isn’t it? Do you want to discover more about its other advantages? If yes, please follow this article. I will talk in detail about its outstanding advantages for your home space.

Other functions

In addition to the function mounted on the wall as a decorative item. You can use shelves with many other functions. For example, you are a shoe fan. You own a huge shoe fortune, you want to show it to everyone in your home space. Why not equip your space with a floating shelf for shoes? It is a great idea to show off your shoes uniquely and beautifully. Besides, you can see your shoes anytime without having to wear them. Another convenient point, You can easily wear them whenever you need without having to return to the bedroom. Extremely convenient.

Besides using floating shelves for shoes, you can put other good things like displaying your favorite wines, good books, or even your favorite bowls and chopsticks on it.

Optimize the use of your wall corners

floating shelves

Do you have limited home space? Therefore, you want to optimize any indoor space including the corner. Using a floating shelf is a design that suits your needs. You can install the floating shelves at the corners of your house in the way you want to arrange them vertically (depending on whether the wall is wide or narrow), or horizontally. Rest assured, no matter how you arrange it, it does not mind falling off, the shelves are firmly attached.

For me, I used the floating shelves in the corner of my bathroom. I apply it to store things like toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, … I can get what I need quickly. In particular, I have saved a lot of bathroom space. And it also creates a unique and clean space for my bathroom.

About safety


Do you have extremely naughty children? Your family is only equipped with large, bulky closets that not only take up your home space but also support your kid easily climb and take things on it. They can fall and get hurt at any time. That makes you very worried. Let’s get your family a floating shelf. They are not only effective in storing things but also keep them out of the reach of children so you do not have to worry every day about the safety of your children anymore.

Show off your personality


In the market of best floating shelves today, Manufacturers have produced a series of floating shelves with full color, size, shape. Therefore, you will easily choose to purchase the type of shelf that suits your interests and personality. Showing your personality through the arrangement of floating shelves in your home space is also quite interesting. Anyone who enters your home space can know your personality. You can also share interests with people with similar hobbies.

Organize furniture scientifically


With a normal closet, you don’t usually organize things arranged, right?  Sometimes you get angry at finding what you want. Using floating shelves is a good solution for you. Please arrange the furniture according to each space. For example, your bedroom should be decorated with bookshelves. In the kitchen, you use shelves to store bowls, chopsticks or kitchen-related items or in front of the entire house, equipped with floating shelves for your shoes.  Arranging furniture scientifically will help you easily find items at any time.

Use shelves as a wardrobe


Using floating shelves as a wardrobe is a trend nowadays especially for small bedroom spaces that are not suitable for a wardrobe. To use shelves you need to fold and roll your clothes on it. It helps you take out to wear quickly. Especially, the shelf is also proper for you to other accessories such as glasses, jewelry, …

In conclusion

I have presented in some excellent functions of floating shelves. Do you find it convenient and easy to use to save your home space? Try purchasing one and use it. It will not let you down. Finally, I hope that the knowledge I provided will be useful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read the entire article.

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