New Craft Room Reveal!

O ma goodness! I am beyond thrilled to share pictures of my newly defined craft space! I just love the functionality here and the clean open space I have to work on my masterpieces! Be prepared for a lot of pictures! I wish you could come on over and see it in person, but alas, I don’t want randos showing up at my door. So I thought instead I’d overwhelm you with eye candy! There’s a lot to share to first peek at the room, then re-read the tidbits at the end for details and info!!

I really wanted to re-do my craft room so that I could be more efficient and inspired each time I went into the room. If you missed the old room, check it out here. I realize how lucky I am to have a room solely dedicated to crafting. (I don’t know if that is crazy or a blessing) but I’ll go with blessing! The unfortunate part of this is sacrificing a “guest room” for my craft room. Our lovely out of town guests got to experience this first hand this past week as they came and stayed with us!  Want to know who stopped by? Click here. 

I hope they enjoyed there visit anyway! We sure did! So, as far as the functionality I wanted a lot of open table-top space for projects that I am working on. I felt that my space before didn’t allow much empty surfaces for anything. So in my newly dreamed version that was number one on my list! I also wanted it to feel clean and organized. I wanted my most used items to be readily available. Check! I found great use out ofthese stack-able drawers from Wal-Mart for little stamps, punches, and tid-bits. Then I used the larger version of them for fabric storage and paint and in process craft projects and conveniently stored them underneath the table as you can see above in the last photo.

My desk and bookcase are from IKEA. I am very happy with how they look and the sturdiness of them. My previous desk was also IKEA but it was dark wood and felt heavy and didn’t work for me any longer. Overall, I am so happy with the turn out! I am especially happy about the “Love Never Fails” print from a lovely lovely woman Lara Casey! And of course, I made sure my little budding artist had a space of her own within my four crafty walls! I get to spend sweet moments in there with her as she hums and colors with her markers while I answer emails, and dream up ideas!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this gives you some ideas for creating your very own craft space!

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