Monogram Phone Screen Saver: DIY

I just stumbled upon a lovely DIY monogram screen saver that you can use on your phone or on your desktop! The lovely gals over at For Chic Sake did the hard work here and I just took it a step further! Once you follow their step by step process to create your solid backround monogram, save it to your computer:

NOTE: It’s beneficial to have Adobe Reader for this step. Then your going to convert the PDF to a JPEG image under the “Save” tab. Once you’ve done that go to PicMonkey. Here you will click on “Create a collage”.

After opening up a collage, under layouts select cards. I choose a 5 x 7 card and “x”ed out the bottom rectangle. (You can do this by hovering in the bottom section. The “x” will appear to close the box.)  See below. 

Next you’ll go to “swatches” on the sidebar. Here is where you can select your backround. The dropdown menu just above that has the different seasons PicMonkey offers in this section.  For different selections I chose the cute pink gingham and a solid yellow. My favorite was the lovely vintage roses.

Next, you can save this image to your desktop. Then your going to upload it again to PicMonkey under the “Edit a picture” tab on it’s main page.  Upload the backround you want then click on “Overlays”. At the top you’ll see “Your Own”. Click there to upload the solid monogram you created in step one. It should look like this:

Here you can change the size of your overlayed monogram picture to fit any way you like on your backround. Once your finished you can save it to your desktop. At this point I emailed it to myself and opened it up on my andriod phone. Then I saved it to my phone. Then I set it as my home screen saver! Very big impact for a little work!

What are you monogramming these days?

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