Application and safe usage of wood chisel

Do you know chisel? I’m sure no carpenter doesn’t know this tool. A chisel is a tool with a characteristically shaped cutting edge of the blade on its end, for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, or metal by hand, struck with a mallet, or mechanical power.

In particular, wood chisels are the most commonly used tool. Besides, it is used to carve wood shapes. It also has many other applications that most of you do not know. Here, I’ll show you more about those applications. Let’s see.

Application of wood chisel

Cutting: This is the simplest application. You can use wood chisels to cut wood panels into as many shapes as you want

Chopping: Wood chisels can also be used to chop wood. You can use them to cut down from the surface of the wood plate and then cut across. A majority of wood will be removed. Chopping is often used when creating joints.

Paring: Paring is a term that means cutting or shaving. It is used to remove excess wood in the work of making hinges for wood, sculpting or finishing.

Scraping: Wood chisels also have applications that scrape dirt on wood surfaces such as paint or glue (accidentally being attached) … to help make the wood surface cleaner.

Dovetail joint: Wood chisels also help to link two wooden panels together by a joint at a 90-degree angle. This connection is extremely sustainable. You don’t have to worry about their loose or detached

Mortise and tenon joint: A mortise and a tenon joint are linked together at a 90-degree angle through a mortise. The links are extremely solid and fit. Therefore, these joints are commonly used as bed frames, tables, chairs or other gravity-bearing items.

Dado’s joints: Dado’s joints are a wooden slot containing other materials. These joints are often used to mount shelves to bookshelves.

Butterfly( the pegs) joint: It is very useful in connecting two wooden planes together where long edges meet. Flat wooden panels are held together by pins. You can see this type of joint on the table tops

Some safety tips when using wood chisels

A sharp wooden chisel can help you cut the wood most efficiently and quickly. But besides, You may encounter some unfortunate dangers. Therefore, I will mention some safety measures to use for you

  • First, you must wear safety glasses when using wood chisels. Because when you use the hammer to hit the wood chisel to engrave. The pieces of wood chips can shoot into your eyes. Extremely dangerous
  • Besides that. in your area work with wood chisels or any woodworking tool. Do not have children around. Because when you make lots of dust and tiny pieces of wood around. Very dangerous if children accidentally stepped on
  • Only use sharp wood chisels when you are skilled. When you don’t have much experience, you use too sharp wood chisels. You will hurt yourself
  • Should use two hands (if you do not have a lot of experience) to avoid accidents like cutting the wrong hands, your body. When cutting wood you must leave the blade of the wood chisel away from the body
  • When the handle is broken, loose. Quickly buy a new one to avoid potential danger.
  • Cover the blade of chisels when not in use
  • Please bring wood chisels to the warranty place, every 6 months. To ensure your wood chisel safe to use

Tips to sharpen wood chisels

Finally, I will mention the problem most people want to know. That sharpens wood chisels after a long time of use.

If you want to cut wood, you must go through 3 steps:

Shaping: The wooden chisel after a period of use may be warped. Therefore this step is necessary. You use a grinding machine to sharpen the blade to remove warping.

Note: during grinding. You must soak wood chisel water for 1 or 2 minutes to avoid overheating or discoloration

Polishing: Polish back of chiseled wood with sandpaper. By scrubbing through sandpaper until you see a chisel of wood becomes smooth

Honing: Finally sharpened wood chisel with a grinding stone. It is suitable for you to want to sharpen at a 30-degree angle. Helps the blade sharpen like a razor

In conclusion

I have shown you in some applications of wood. Besides, I also showed how to use wood chisel safely and sharpen wood chisels. Hope they will be useful for you.

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