Application and Advantage of Random Orbital Sander

n today’s life, the image of Random Orbital Sander is gradually becoming very familiar to consumers. With the ability to perform well for all kinds of work tasks such as scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing on a variety of surfaces of different materials such as wood, steel … as well as owning many types of outstanding features such as equipment. Compact design, impressive performance levels have helped the product range of Random Orbital Sander become an indispensable support device for workers, especially those who do jobs in wood manufacturing industries or mechanical.

Currently, there are many versions of Random Orbital Sander products on the market with countless different characteristics as well as different applicability in different jobs. That makes it easy to choose the most suitable product for your job

In today’s article, please read along with me to learn more details about Random Orbital Sander as well as the applicability in the daily life of these devices. Let’s start exploring

random orbital sander

random orbital sander

The basic concept of random orbital sander

The random orbital sander is a type of equipment used mainly in industries related to manufacturing, industrial design such as wood, mechanics … and especially the products and crafts, fine arts thanks to the ability to perform very well such operations as a rub, abrasive and polishing on the surface of materials. That makes the product has the highest aesthetic beauty.

The reason you should choose to get the best random orbital sander for your work

Good performance combined with impressive work speed: This device allow workers to complete their work quickly and save a lot of valuable labor for themselves. For example, you took a long time to sand or polish a rough wooden board in the past. But now when using this random orbital sander, your work and operation process is much faster.

Compact design and ergonomic design: it help easily to manipulate and use as well as transporting commuting in daily work. When you need to use a  random orbital sander at a place other than your workshop or home, it’s easy for you to put it in your pocket and take it where you want.

The price is very comfortable and suitable for the majority of workers today: I think most workers are those who do not have a too high income. They are very concerned about the price of the product. Therefore, with the affordable price of this product. You do not have to worry about this issue anymore.

Machine with high durability: Made from high-quality materials. Therefore,  the random orbital sander possesses absolute durability, good impact strength, resistant to deformation, abrasion when subjected to strong impacts during use. Help you feel secure to use the product for a long time without worrying about problems such as damage, rust which is common as other common sanding machines.

Application of random orbital sander

  • The ability to perform well for all types of work needs such as polishing and cleaning the surface of materials such as raw wood, components that have just come out of the furnace. After undergoing a meticulous manufacturing process will bring a beautiful appearance with a high aesthetic for the products.
  • In addition to the traditional sanding and polishing capabilities,  random orbital sander also includes their dust collection systems that are very convenient with the ability to clean and clean materials, components as well as protecting consumers from health hazards due to dirt or pollution.
  • On the market today, there are two types of the most prominent versions of the random orbital sander, including square sanding machines and flat sanding machines. Each type of product has different characteristics and applicability in the daily work of everyone.

The difference between a square and round random orbital sander in terms of design and style

First, the feature of these two types that everyone knows is that the circular sander has a circular disc sanding design while square random orbital sander has a square contact surface.

In terms of design, the circular sander looks cleaner with a well-proportioned cylindrical structure, firm grip, a circular disc, and the body is designed with cooling vents that can keep cool when operating. Meanwhile, the square machine also has a compact, lightweight design. But it doesn’t look neat when compared to circular sanding machines.

Differences in an application and working ability

Both round and square machines work on a variety of materials such as wood, metal, walls, and even the floor to provide good results in a quick time. Both have dust bags attached to the machine to vacuum dust, dust mite generated during work.

The circular machine with a circular sanding base can move flexibly on the surface of the material, the random rotation trajectory helps to minimize the scratches on the wood and metal when operating and is easy to control.

The square machine has a square sole so it is beneficial to work in an angled position that provides extremely accurate and efficient scrubbing that a circular sander can hardly handle well.

With the differences between such a square and circular sanding machine, which one is better? Surely this is what many people will wonder after understanding the differences in the characteristics and applications of these two sanding machines. The answer lies in the difference. If you need to handle thin materials that are easy to scratch, you should choose a circular sander, but for materials with a lot of angles, grooves, it is convenient to use a square sander or a mini sander. and more efficient.

If you are economically full. You can also use a combination of both types of machines to increase material handling efficiency and speed up work.

In conclusion

I have discussed the theory, use, and reason for choosing the random orbital sander above. I think that they are basic things you need to know when you want to buy a  random orbital sander. I hope that my knowledge helps you in choosing the best sanding machine for you. Finally, I thank you very much for taking the time to read through this article.

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