Possible dangers when buying fake portable table saws

A portable table saw is gradually being trusted and chosen by most users with hand saws. This machine is created with a variety of shapes, safe designs, Besides, the power of the machine is extremely strong to help the process carpenter’s work become simple and effortless. In particular, the life of the machine is extremely long and durable despite continuous work under the harshness of the environment.

However, Because of its wide application, there are so many brands that imitate genuine products.

The reality shows that psychological preference for cheap goods, many people have regretted buying fake goods. Because counterfeit goods are easily damaged after only a short time of use. Moreover, the safety protection department often does not have or is faulty so it easily causes accidents for users. But as far as I can see, many people don’t recognize the dangers of using counterfeit goods. Therefore, below are the specific risks that users may encounter when using fake, poor quality woodworking saws.

portable table saws


All sawing products from table saws, hand-held saws or circular saws Despite being fake no matter how real the product looks, the truth is never the same quality as genuine goods. The fake saws are loose structure, the blades are not fixed, they can be thrown, the workpiece is not tight, it can cause the workpiece to be thrown out causing serious injury not only for the user but also the people around.


Counterfeit products may have electrical wires, electrical leakage to the outside of the machine from wires, circuit breakers, and electrical outlets. From there, can cause extremely dangerous accidents related to electricity for users. Unfortunately, it can be fatal for users If not detected promptly.

Risk of explosion

In addition to causing electrical accidents, poor quality table saws can cause an explosion. Especially for counterfeit sawing machines, When there is an electrical leak with wood pieces created during use, it is easy to catch fire.


Counterfeit products are not as sophisticated and rugged as genuine products. Usually, the screw heads on the milling table, where the angle of choice is often protruding to entangle the user, injury can occur at any time if you are not very careful.

Besides, the handle of counterfeit products will not be designed to be anti-skid stripes like other genuine products. Therefore, when using these products, users can easily slip hands causing unfortunate accidents.

  • How to distinguish real products – counterfeit goods?

Anti-counterfeit stamps: It is indispensable when you want to buy the best table saw. Currently, although many products falsify stamps. Make it difficult for users to distinguish which one is real and which is fake. But please rest assured, now to fix that, You can scratch the stamp code and check the real or fake of the product with the software on the phone. Extremely accurate for users

Warranty: Experience says, If you buy a genuine saw machine at a reputable address or facility. You can get a warranty of 2 to 3 years much more than the counterfeit machine

Quality of finishing machine, how to box products: The parts of the machine will be processed with high precision, the gap between the joints is almost no, there is no rickety feeling when holding the device. Besides, the product is boxed extremely carefully and beautifully unlike fake machines

The sturdy feeling when holding product on hand: Sure, easy to manipulate, high accuracy, little vibration is a feeling when you hold genuine goods on hand. Completely opposed to counterfeit machines.

Finally, genuine goods will not have to overheat when operating for a long time, instead of inferior goods will heat very quickly.

In conclusion

Using fake wood saws not only in poor quality, quickly damaged but also easy to cause accidents for users. Therefore, you are careful not to use false products. On the market today there are quite a few places to sell portable wood saws, you should choose reputable places to avoid spend money (on a quack doctor) when buying fake and poor quality products and enjoy a reputable warranty.

Woodworking Clamps In Advance

If you are interested in a bit of image framing or need to develop a mitered box, then mounting woodworking clamps are necessary but a kit of corner clamps may an immeasurable idea. Skimping on braces designed for mitered joints is a bad idea as repairing four meters to form a square is challenging, and each intersection will have a mind of its own. The carpenters personally are not keen on frame clamps of any type, but they tend to opt for a 90° clamping lumber or a precise clamping jig made from particles as they perceive that a far more steady method. Stanley 90 space frame brace is a substantial tool and should be in your toolkit.

Cheap Is Benefit Woodworking?

The primary issue the woodworkers have found that after a few uses the serrated bar wears smooth, so the clamps orchestration slides down the bar. If they were to support these clamps, it would only be for the purpose of individual or two jobs then dispose of. The woodworkers have a severe problem with this throwaway career we experience in.

What About Chinese Clamps?

Chinese manufacturing has developed over the times, and the more inexpensive cost of sending has also made a significant difference to our marketing power. There is no denying that the lower end-user price will entice many to buy these cheaper Chinese alternatives but with cuts in expenses affect the quality of these braces. The woodworkers have also purchased these cheap clamps, and it is obvious the design is poor and areas that would typically beget reinforcement are dull and as a consequence mine revealed. The iron practiced is not the equivalent as you would encounter in the construction of established brands similar Record or Stanley.

Homemade tools

When the need arises because you shoulda job on or cannot explain the cost. Homemade instruments are often a fitting solution. Simple ideas for jointing boards edge on can be primarily a combination of pushing wedges within two pauses. Or cam bar arrangements which operate well during low-pressure jointing.

Historic Brands

Iconic woodworking tool labels such a Record or Stanley are the first manufacturers that come to mind and the outcomes last, the labors own many of these excellent tools which still serve me well presently as they did when current. Should you spend in these necessary but sufficient tools of the labels discussed above? If I had the money then ”yes” as the steel is superior and they are lost to disclose unlike some of the cheap brands which use steel that is far from top rank for the high tensile job they possess to do. Bessey, Record, Stanley, Irwin.

Yet another woodworking clamp that is named after it shapes ”The F Clamp” a simple design which has remained copied by many Chinese entrepreneurs but the most reliable brand free to my knowledge is the brand ”Bessey” which have been throughout since Max Bessey organized the Stuttgart based company in 1889, and following than it has grown into a vital brand. The F clamp is a fitting clamp and is easy to use as well as being smart due to the sliding rod. 

These are prepared in a mixture of lengths and health, and the longer/stronger reports can be used as a sash clamp option. This is wherever quality stuff and the cheap alternatives are candidly useless. The cheap Chinese ones with crude frame handle in red chromed bands are rubbish and available throughout. If you are forced to buying those, then be served that they are only fitting for a few uses since the steel bar is too soft. Because of this, the serrated edge wears quiet so the F portion cannot grasp so it will slide under pressure.

Fast-Grip / Irwin Quick-Grip

 ”Irwin Quick Clamp” is acceptable but not ideal for glue-ups as they have a low clamping pressure but useful as another pair of instructions. Excellent for remaining work while thickening or positioning. Many of specific rapid style clamps are reversible so can benefit from pushing pieces of work individual or deconstruction. Being self-reliant performance, these have their spot on the worksite, notably, if up a stairway or move ladder adjusting your workpiece and if you’re like me and need to hold one hand firmly grasping on!

In recent years there should be a series of these active ratchet-style clamps come on the market including many store brands and other resources offerings, but mainly the best two brands available are ”Irwin” & ”Wolf.” The labors like the Wolf account as they possess the single-handed operation in the figure of the contrary catch arrested motion instead of just relief. Beneficial but detrimental a G Clamp replacement, in my opinion.

G Clamp (seldom described C Clamp)

Sometimes identified as ”C Clamps” but we will stick with ”G Clamps” and these old design concepts is a pattern which absolutely prepares the job planned. They have high strength and versatility in the workshop. When buying new ‘G’s I would study the casting for flaws as bad casting can make for failure during use. These have been about for years, and labors still have many inherited from their masters.

These ancient Records and stirred up and incorporated in Resin from his career in boat construction. They last because they are clumsy in perspective and frankly just practical. Today they are cultivated a bit with delicate threads that profit from chrome plating which advances them more vapor than the previous ones. 


Sash Clamps arrive in many patterns such as ”Pipe  & Bar machines both have an iron bar, truss, box section or passage for the prophet to support the pipe sources unlike the timber and sash head variant below: I am unusually fond of these nearby wood and iron head combo. The primary thought is that you add a length of hardwood with holes drill in for the clamping headlock pins which execute these woodland and iron clamps adaptable.

The thing that I genuinely like is that one set of woodworking clamping fixtures can be many clamp measures by merely performing more boarded bars/beams. So economics managed that these iron fronts are an excellent, robust, cost-effective option. In our business, we sometimes have a position 

Record Sash Clamp Heads

But not likewise often, so they require two 2.4m ribs with Record headlines for the frame glue-up. Their clamp heads are frequently tied up with their 1.2m setups, but for some unusual long-chain specification, they have made two boarded bars which us acquire sash bar heads for them.

Should I Buy Record Sash Clamp Heads

You can purchase cost-effective sash fastener heads but the best, in my opinion, is the Record version. The casting is hugely more durable corresponded with remarkable of the Chinese imports. There is a cost variation, but the Record form will last an endurance and assist you well in the workshop for many cycles if not existence. So yes you should think good brands like Record.

If your budget is insufficient or you just want to preserve a bit so you can buy a new fixture. You may want to judge an imported tool such as the Faithfull set of leaders which will still serve you well. You can even get the job done effectively with Faithfull. Faithfull is a dependable brand that the carpenters have used on numerous occasions and have a bunch of their tools. So they are happy to suggest Faithfull’s heads.

My Conclusion On These Tools

If you are sober about woodworking, then beginning a useful collection should now be your fascination. The woodworkers should own over 300 hundred and still spread out when on a  gathering. This condition is not documented in any medical journal but should be. You will find this time difficult tradition of concentrating, the ”Penny Black” of woodworking.

The feeling I get when clutching up a plan is the therapy that allows me to subject the workpiece into submission. The alpha man in them that receives satisfaction from applying the squeeze! Jesting aside if you are to compete in many projects, a good assortment of individual woodworking generators is a must.


An excellent collection catches time, and you should not get too discouraged if your budget s restrictive. Light your finding by buying the bare minimum for your current job in hand, offsetting the cost to the client or missus!. Like discussed above, there are cheap Chinese examples of convenience scars such as Record or Bessey, and some are pretty good for the value by the originals are throughout always fresh. The fact is if you demand to join the frame together, you will be expected to need a way to clamp them.

Wood Level Parameter


There is no such way that you can play your own part of woodworking without the best level, or the wood level to measure the meters from distant to distant. Thus, the best level has always played an important role in term of quality and holding tasks, and in the meantime, no hope for the work that would be done by the labors without the best level in their hand every starting time. So today I will introduce to you some of the parameters of the wood level and how to use it, following by my voice at the end of the article, or you can say that is my view of point to this resolution or this tool.


It is such a cheap tool that you can find that on Amazon with the best level keyword, you will find out many of the ranges of the price that run from $10.67 to $18.04, or even the low price that is just $7.57 up to $9.99. However, the low price is meant that the risk is higher and higher compared to the higher one. On the other hand, the playful woodworkers with the big capacity of the budget can choose the high price wood level with the lower risk and maybe more top quality.


– Rigid I-beam cross-section features low-profile, shock-absorbing end caps for durability. It is so vital that you can use that in the different environments to measure without worrying about the fact that it was made for the in-house environment.

– 180-degree rotating view for a range of situations. The picture is also crucial to the workers that make them become quickly working more efficient when it comes to the sunshine and outside the house. Of course, that even works in the light of the light bull too.

– Measuring scale printed directly on the level eases layout work. The accuracy is always some of the best criteria in real working condition, and also the workers need to catch up with the excellent and exact number in the project that needs some kind of hard working and excellent management to keep up with the dateline without the awful result as a result, if you know what I mean.

– Powder-coated frame withstands nicks and offers a comfortable hold. A holder is also an important place that needs meticulous care for the hand of the labors to work appropriately well in the time they spend on the thinking, not the caring part.

– Clear-acrylic vial covers for easy readability.

– Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This is also some example for the parameters in real time, real world

Technical Details

– Part Number    42-324

– Item Weight    12 ounces

– Product Dimensions    24 x 2.4 x 1 inches

– Item model number    42-324

– Color    Multi

– Material    Multi

– Item Package Quantity    1

– Included Components    N/A

– Batteries Included?    No

– Batteries Required?    No


For all the good up there, I hope that you will find enough of the information about the best level or the wood level to keep up the dateline and find out something for yourself. In my opinion, to some extent, the wood level is essential for all the woodworking project that needs balance first to keep the place in the excellent result leaderboard.

Application and safe usage of wood chisel

Do you know chisel? I’m sure no carpenter doesn’t know this tool. A chisel is a tool with a characteristically shaped cutting edge of the blade on its end, for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, or metal by hand, struck with a mallet, or mechanical power.

In particular, wood chisels are the most commonly used tool. Besides, it is used to carve wood shapes. It also has many other applications that most of you do not know. Here, I’ll show you more about those applications. Let’s see.

Application of wood chisel

Cutting: This is the simplest application. You can use wood chisels to cut wood panels into as many shapes as you want

Chopping: Wood chisels can also be used to chop wood. You can use them to cut down from the surface of the wood plate and then cut across. A majority of wood will be removed. Chopping is often used when creating joints.

Paring: Paring is a term that means cutting or shaving. It is used to remove excess wood in the work of making hinges for wood, sculpting or finishing.

Scraping: Wood chisels also have applications that scrape dirt on wood surfaces such as paint or glue (accidentally being attached) … to help make the wood surface cleaner.

Dovetail joint: Wood chisels also help to link two wooden panels together by a joint at a 90-degree angle. This connection is extremely sustainable. You don’t have to worry about their loose or detached

Mortise and tenon joint: A mortise and a tenon joint are linked together at a 90-degree angle through a mortise. The links are extremely solid and fit. Therefore, these joints are commonly used as bed frames, tables, chairs or other gravity-bearing items.

Dado’s joints: Dado’s joints are a wooden slot containing other materials. These joints are often used to mount shelves to bookshelves.

Butterfly( the pegs) joint: It is very useful in connecting two wooden planes together where long edges meet. Flat wooden panels are held together by pins. You can see this type of joint on the table tops

Some safety tips when using wood chisels

A sharp wooden chisel can help you cut the wood most efficiently and quickly. But besides, You may encounter some unfortunate dangers. Therefore, I will mention some safety measures to use for you

  • First, you must wear safety glasses when using wood chisels. Because when you use the hammer to hit the wood chisel to engrave. The pieces of wood chips can shoot into your eyes. Extremely dangerous
  • Besides that. in your area work with wood chisels or any woodworking tool. Do not have children around. Because when you make lots of dust and tiny pieces of wood around. Very dangerous if children accidentally stepped on
  • Only use sharp wood chisels when you are skilled. When you don’t have much experience, you use too sharp wood chisels. You will hurt yourself
  • Should use two hands (if you do not have a lot of experience) to avoid accidents like cutting the wrong hands, your body. When cutting wood you must leave the blade of the wood chisel away from the body
  • When the handle is broken, loose. Quickly buy a new one to avoid potential danger.
  • Cover the blade of chisels when not in use
  • Please bring wood chisels to the warranty place, every 6 months. To ensure your wood chisel safe to use

Tips to sharpen wood chisels

Finally, I will mention the problem most people want to know. That sharpens wood chisels after a long time of use.

If you want to cut wood, you must go through 3 steps:

Shaping: The wooden chisel after a period of use may be warped. Therefore this step is necessary. You use a grinding machine to sharpen the blade to remove warping.

Note: during grinding. You must soak wood chisel water for 1 or 2 minutes to avoid overheating or discoloration

Polishing: Polish back of chiseled wood with sandpaper. By scrubbing through sandpaper until you see a chisel of wood becomes smooth

Honing: Finally sharpened wood chisel with a grinding stone. It is suitable for you to want to sharpen at a 30-degree angle. Helps the blade sharpen like a razor

In conclusion

I have shown you in some applications of wood. Besides, I also showed how to use wood chisel safely and sharpen wood chisels. Hope they will be useful for you.

Thankful Jar

I found these amazing porcelain mason jars at JoAnn’s in the sale section. What a find! I thought it would be cute to use them in some way either  as a vase or a jar for the Holidays. I’ve always wanted to do a “Thankful Jar” where you try and write down little things you are thankful for for a month or so before Thanksgiving and then read back through them at a later date to remind yourself of the blessings you have. I’ve put together a quick little tutorial on how to alter these jars and make it a cute addition to your Holiday decor!

I bought the jars (or you could spray paint your own mason jars with white spray paint), a white pigment ink pad, Martha Stewart kraft labels, and the Heidi Swapp clear stamps with really cute sentiments. (I already had the clear glass block stamp pad). Just follow along with the pictures to see how I did it.

DIY Keepsake Boxes

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a keepsake box for the girls for a long time and I finally got around to putting something together. It was such a  simple and fun process. I can’t wait for the girls to get into the boxes every once in awhile! I figured I store them in my bookshelf in my studio so they can come in a look at them anytime they want. A keepsake box is the perfect place to store memento’s like cards or special artwork. Keep scrolling for the tutorial on how to make these fun and simple keepsake boxes!

I bought these two kraft boxes at JoAnn Fabric’s for about  bucks each with coupons.

Then I broke out my trusty Martha Stewart paint roller and paper plate. I’ve had this “Warm White” craft paint forever for use on my Custom Nursery Art Canvases.

Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to create my stencils. I just added their names and then played with the fonts (see next picture).

Then my silhouette Cameo went to cutting…

After it finished cutting, I taped the names where I wanted them on the boxes. I figured I’d stack these boxes so I didn’t put the names in the exact same spot on each box.

Then I began painting over top of the stencils. I added the small “triangle” piece that goes with the “A’s” and “R’s” to give it a finished look. I secured them temporarily with sticky glue.

I added a Dear Lizzy heart stencil on the tops of the boxes for extra cuteness!

Inside these boxes I’ve kept birthday cards, hospital hats and wrist bands, as well as special notes I’ve written for the girls.

And that’s it! Very simple and fun project that can be accomplished in about 20 minutes!

Want to see more of my DIY Tutorials? Click here.

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for a new mommy?? Feel free to leave your lovely comments below…

Monogrammed Embroidery Hoop

Since my new found love of monograms has slowly yet surley taken over my thoughts, I’d thought I’d let my wallet rest a little and create a homemade monogram using fabric and an embroidery hoop. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the pretty cursive “K” and then painted the fabric. It’s a little rustic looking which is fine by me. I think I will try this with a prettier, girly color next time!

What do you think? Where should I put it? Mantle? Front door under a wreath?

Monogram Phone Screen Saver: DIY

I just stumbled upon a lovely DIY monogram screen saver that you can use on your phone or on your desktop! The lovely gals over at For Chic Sake did the hard work here and I just took it a step further! Once you follow their step by step process to create your solid backround monogram, save it to your computer:

NOTE: It’s beneficial to have Adobe Reader for this step. Then your going to convert the PDF to a JPEG image under the “Save” tab. Once you’ve done that go to PicMonkey. Here you will click on “Create a collage”.

After opening up a collage, under layouts select cards. I choose a 5 x 7 card and “x”ed out the bottom rectangle. (You can do this by hovering in the bottom section. The “x” will appear to close the box.)  See below. 

Next you’ll go to “swatches” on the sidebar. Here is where you can select your backround. The dropdown menu just above that has the different seasons PicMonkey offers in this section.  For different selections I chose the cute pink gingham and a solid yellow. My favorite was the lovely vintage roses.

Next, you can save this image to your desktop. Then your going to upload it again to PicMonkey under the “Edit a picture” tab on it’s main page.  Upload the backround you want then click on “Overlays”. At the top you’ll see “Your Own”. Click there to upload the solid monogram you created in step one. It should look like this:

Here you can change the size of your overlayed monogram picture to fit any way you like on your backround. Once your finished you can save it to your desktop. At this point I emailed it to myself and opened it up on my andriod phone. Then I saved it to my phone. Then I set it as my home screen saver! Very big impact for a little work!

What are you monogramming these days?

Project: Home Organization

A plan will let you get all those little tidbits you want to make happen and put them in front of you for execution. There are so many resources for planning and goal setting online. You can download and print pretty lists, binders and even keep it paperless if you want! But the point is clear: Set a goal so you can reach it. I prefer to see it in the big picture. For me crossing off the item is the ultimate goal. So if I see it then it needs to be done. So what I’v done first is printed out a blank monthly calendar. My purpose is to list  what I’d like to do organization wise and by when.

For example, I would say I want to clean out and re-organize my hallway closet by May 29th. That way by May 27th I have a task and know that by Wednesday I should have it done.

The next important step is creating actions steps. Again, we’re looking at the big picture here. Below I’ve listed each room of my house and created 3 action steps for each room. I can go to this list when I get close to that room/area on my calendar and have definite steps to take. This will make it less likely for me to come up with excuses, or to wander into a project to only be distracted and start something I’ll never finish. The action steps keep me on target.

Pairing these together is my little secret for tackling any type of reorganization issues I run into. Plus the action steps are fun to cross off. Did I tell you I love lists?

Don’t forget look back at what you’ve done so far. Maybe you skipped one room or swapped one project for another. Keep yourself accountable by tracking your accomplishments.

The best part of this is to revise your original big picture goals. They may change. For example I really want to tackle my office files with my label maker, but my two girls rooms  are in desperate need of a toy purging. And since I’m in those rooms every day, the toys stare me in the face. Those rooms go up on the goal list as priority over the office files.

In the end the euphoric feeling of having a well-kept home is deeply satisfying. You can feel some control over the chaos of everyday life. So grab your label maker and your best purging  method and get to organizing!

A Simple Mousepad

I’ve been taking joy in the simple things around my home and office these past few days! Feeling a little need to do something crafty for myself,  I whipped this cute little mousepad together! And let me tell you how it’s brightened my day! It was super easy to make. I followed this tutorial. I found this totes-amaze fabric at World Market where it used to be a napkin! I grabbed some shelf liner and proceed to make a fun mousepad in less than 5 minutes! I’ve gotten so many compliments! Cute right?

What simple projects are you creating today? Try something easy like this mousepad, I promise it will brighten your day!

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