Valentine’s Day Wreath

Hello Lovely Blogette’s,

Our house is busy these days. Everyday occurrences fill the spaces with dinner times, laughter, and an occasional family dance party. But with today being the first day of February I wanted to hang a simple reminder of Valentine’s Day. This year I have no big mantel display or a wonderfully thought out craft idea to teach the girls about love. Just a simple heart wreath.

I guess this year I’m all about simplifying things. I get so caught up in trying to keep up. And I have lists and lists of things I would love to get to. Sometimes just settling in the simplicity of not trying so hard seems much better. So with an open heart that hopes to communicate love within my home, I hope this wreath reminds my family that they are mine. And I am so happy they are. What simple Valentine’s Day ideas are you working on? Please share in the comments!

For a tutorial on how I made these tissue roses see this post. 

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