{Sister Sister}

Have I mentioned that I have the most amazing, beautiful, smart and talented sister? If I haven’t up until now then I’ve been keeping her all to myself because she is in fact, the coolest chick I know.
Not only is she cool, but she is growing up before my very eyes. Each time I see her (she lives in Miami with my mom) she steps a little farther away from being a girl, and steps closer to being a woman. You can ask my mom and Amaris and they will tell you I am extremely protective of her. And when I use the word “extremely” that is in it’s most extreme context.
You see, this girl is fabulous. And she reminds me of me a long time ago when I was younger. I’m not just saying that I was fabulous, but I was hot just like her! And there can be a lot of good/bad things that come with being young, pretty, carefree, intelligent etc. So I forewarn her ALL the time, to “grow up slow”, “take it easy on yourself”, “don’t get consumed with boys” and my favorite “when I was your age…”

She will be turning 15 next February and we are planning the event of the season. A Quince is a big day for a young lady such as herself and we want it to be both memorable and fun. We discussed a sort of pastel color palette with grays and soft tones. As well as a vintage prairie type theme. Fresh flowers, vintage suitcases and yummy deserts! So without further ado I give you:

1. Lovely Chandelier 
2. Pretty Centerpieces 
3. Fig Bruchetta 
4. Dessert Table 
5. Cake Jars 
6. Photo Op
7. Lace Covered Shades
8. More Photo Op FunI can’t wait to let the fun begin!



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  1. Awhhhh she is one lucky girl to have you for a sister! I love your party inspiration! And I love all of the wonderful sister advice you give her! :o)

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